Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Free Light Show

A few weeks ago some really bad storms came through central Texas. Since I watch TV via DVR, I had no idea there was a storm coming, much less the severity of them. I didn't find out until I came back to my computer, and several friends had IMd me "it's headed right for you!" and "are you in your basement" (to which, in Texas -- no one has basements).

I flipped on the news, and the weatherman was speaking of some obvious rotation "two miles north/northeast of pflugerville." Yeah, uhh... that's right about where I live. In fact, the weatherman's map showed it probably went about a mile north of my house.

But, strangely enough -- no damage. The rest of Austin had plenty, but we survived without a scratch. Perhaps, because we have no trees at all in our neighborhood...

I captured some lo-res video of the lightning. Give it a bit at the beginning, it's not easy to capture lightning video, you know.

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