Saturday, July 5, 2008

Watch out for the "Texas School for the Blind" van

The title may at first appear to be a joke. But as we were leaving a July 4th fireworks show last night, a white van cut us off in the maylay of traffic that clearly everyone was having to deal with while leaving the park.Sure, people cut you off. It happens. No need to get angry.

Then -- I saw it. The van had a giant Texas School for the Blind placard on the side.First some minor chuckles. Then a real 'lol' moment. The irony of being cut off by *this* specific van was too much. And yes, hah hah -- I get that a blind person was not driving. It's still funny. Boo-hiss on you.

Then the real question settled in -- not to be insensitive, but what were they doing at a fireworks display anyway... listening to them go off?

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